Integrated phonics and language intervention

We are currently conducting a pilot study to examine the effects of a fully integrated phonics and language whole-class approach to teaching reading in a sample of children, some of whom will be deaf.

From the simple view of reading, we know that both decoding (phonics) and language skills are essential for the development of reading comprehension. However, current educational practice focusses on phonics, with less emphasis on language.

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Although many children progress with a phonics approach, a significant proportion struggle, particularly those with weak language skills, of whom many come from disadvantaged backgrounds, and including many deaf children who are typically excluded from mainstream reading intervention research.

The integrated language and reading programme should improve children’s reading skills which are crucial to academic attainment and longer-term integration into society.

Watch this space for the results…

The study is funded by a Nuffield Foundation grant awarded to Ros Herman, Charles Hulme, Penny Roy and Fiona Kyle.